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Sustainable Chemistry Explained

The catalyst for a greener future

Sustainable chemistry is a revolutionary field that emerged in response to the environmental impact imposed by chemicals. The core principles of sustainable chemistry are rooted in environmental responsibility, social well-being and economic viability. The growing adoption of sustainable chemistry underpins the chemical industry’s commitment to mitigating the environmental impact of its chemicals.

This eBook provides detailed information to support sustainable chemistry in consumer products, including:

  • Supply chain management
  • Current global legislation
    • Europe
    • USA
    • China
  • Non-regulatory drivers
  • Current issues
    • PFAS
    • Microplastics
    • Chemical management
  • Forthcoming legislation
  • Sustainable chemistry services

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Dr. Vikki Addy

About the author

Dr. Vikki Addy is the Chief Technical Officer at Eurofins Sustainability Services. Vikki embarked on her journey with Eurofins BLC in 1992, following her academic achievements of a BSc (Hons) in Biology and a subsequent PhD in Biochemistry. Today, as the Chief Technical Officer for Eurofins Sustainability Services, she leads the business unit with a focus on sustainable chemistry, biomaterials, leather, and the development of innovative materials for consumer products. Her expertise particularly shines in the realms of chemical compliance and providing regulatory support throughout the supply chain. 

About Eurofins Sustainability Services

At Eurofins, we understand creating a sustainable business model is critical to the future success of businesses and the long-term development of our planet. For this reason, Eurofins Sustainability Services provides help and support to our customers along the value chain. The goal is to ensure our customers fully understand their supply chain and where the most significant impacts occur. We believe businesses can operate in sustainable ways that enhance their economic output.

By focusing on products and materials manufactured in a way that does not deplete natural resources, create a negative impact on the environment, or harm people directly or indirectly involved, businesses embrace sustainability in a meaningful way.

Learn more by visiting sustainabilityservices.eurofins.com

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